WordPress Diagnostic


If you are having issues with your website and not sure what to do set up this service today! We will diagnose and trouble shoot the issue for you for up to one hour. Most issues can be resolved within the one hour time frame that is included in this service. If for whatever reason the issues cannot be handled within the allotted timeframe we will reach out to you and set up a custom quote to get the problem completely resolved. We will send you a detailed report on what the exact issue is and links on how to correct the issue (assuming that we do not correct the issue for you within the hour of service that is included).

Whats included?

-One hour of a Wordpress Technician to diagnose and resolve issue
-Performance Review and Report
-Website backup download



This WordPress diagnostic service can be used for any lingering issues that your site may currently be having. The diagnostic fee is for one of our technicians to take a look at your website issue and give you a detailed diagnostic on what the issue is. If the problem cannot be resolved in under an hour we will be happy to send you a custom quote to get the problem completely corrected. Most general issues can be resolved with in the included timeframe (1hr) below are some examples that we can typically handle for you with the fee that is charged.

– White screens of death
– Wp-admin (WordPress Dashboard) lock outs
– Sites that do not resolve
– Bad Plugin / Theme updates
– WordPress update problems
– and more!

Aside from the diagnostic you will also get a complementary website performance scan and detailed report, and also complete backup of your website.

*If site is larger than 5GB we will provide a copy that you can download locally off of your current hosting platform)