How to Disable WordPress Plugins

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How to Deactivate WordPress Plugins

Step 1: Find your Database
To find out what database you are using for your WordPress site you will need to open your wp-config.php file to find your database name. See below.

Step 2: Access phpMyAdmin

Inside your cPanel. Find your WordPress database on the left side and click on the database name, it will expand. Find the _options table on the left and click on it. The full tables will open on the right side. See Below

Step 3: Find and Disable WordPress Plugins

You will navigate to the box that says active_plugins and click on edit (see below). Once the box opens (see below) you can cut and paste the WordPress plugin code in that box into a notepad application just in case you need to re-add it. Note – don’t worry if you completely delete the code, it will come back when you reactivate your plugins. After deleting the code click on the go button. This will completely disable all of your WordPress plugins.

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